Since the age of Great Greece, Sicily was considered an excellent area of wine production, thanks to its geographic location. Here the vineyards prosper under the benefic sun, maturing in the same area that has been the Gods dwelling. Principi di Sicilia (Pinces of Sicily) comes from a history of passion for a land rich in charm and culture, which infuses these wines with the enchantment and elegance of its perfumes and taste. Our vineyards cover the area of Trapani, a renowned zone of Sicilian wine-production. It is from great passion for wine and love for this extraordinary land that "PRINCIPI DI SICILIA" wines are born.

A charming experience rooted deep in our history. The pleasure to taste the colors, perfumes and the unique sensations that only the vines of our island can give, in that angle of Western Sicily reddened by majestic sunsets, in the heart of Trapani, where the culture of good taste has a prestigious tradition. This place favored the development of the best ways to harvest what Mother Nature can offer. Grapes that infuse true Sicilian personality to our wine, firm and entrancing it bears marks of originality that can hardly be found in other products. The sacrifice and the hard work of many years of commitment and the fine knowledge of the seeding, harvesting and vinification procedures have done the rest. We even took care of image of our bottles, in order to seduce immediately even the finest tasters. Our wines will be the ideal companions to live the particular moments of every day life…

Moments of daily love for one's self and others! SINE VINO FRIGET VENUS